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Month: September 2018

Is Spotify a Bandwagon Stock? 8 Key Issues Famous Hedge Funds Are Ignoring

Bandwagons are easy to jump on but it can be hard to decide when it’s time to get off, especially considering Spotify stock has famous hedge funds like Soros Fund Management, Philippe Laffont of Coatue Management, and Louis Bacon’s Capital Management holding sizeable stakes. Since its IPO in April, Spotify has seen an $8 billion rally in market value for an all-time high market cap of $34 billion following Q2 earnings. The bull storyline is that Spotify is the leader in streaming music with nearly 40% of market share in 2017 – which is double what Apple Music holds and…

Fast Growth in 4K Televisions and UHD Content Requires Premium Content Protection

Ultra HD televisions are one of the fastest-growing segments in the history of consumer electronics. Within the first three years of shipments, 4K/UHD overshadowed HDTVs by nearly 4x with 16 million units shipped compared to 4.2 million units1. Since then, rapid penetration is occurring globally with 35 percent of all U.S. households forecast to have a UHD television by 2019, followed by the United Kingdom with 31 percent, 25 percent in the European Union, and 24 percent in China. Global units shipped reached 82 million in 2017 up from 53 million in 2016. . The global 4K TV market is…

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