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Month: February 2019

Tech Experts Discuss the Future of Autonomous Vehicles: Podcast

Last year was a buzzworthy year for autonomous vehicles. The pedestrian death in Arizona raised concerns over safety while many AV OEMs slowed down production of advanced levels of automation due to regulatory issues. Meanwhile, China continues to push forward, faster than ever, in an AV race for commercial deployment. In addition, press headlines are not in agreement with analyst projections. Promises that driverless vehicles will be on the road this year are in sharp contrast with analysts who say AVs have entered the “trough of disillusionment” with anywhere from five to fifteen years before they will be commercially available.…

New Tech Podcast: Tech Lightning Rounds

Beth Kindig is launching a tech podcast called Tech Lightning Rounds, sponsored by Intertrust Technologies. The goal of the new tech podcast is to deliver information quickly in short “lightning rounds” so you can learn about new technologies while you commute, get ready in the morning, while you’re at the gym, or wherever else your busy life takes you. Tech Lightning Rounds will consist of bi-monthly episodes approximately twenty minutes each and will interview two to three leading experts on topics such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, artificial intelligence, data privacy, machine learning, 5G, augmented reality/virtual reality, digital trust, the future…

Pure Play Tech Stocks to Benefit from IaaS Growth

Hybrid is what will drive near future adoption for IaaS. This means security is still the dominant concern while data accuracy and productivity are the primary benefits to IaaS. Therefore, small and mid-cap companies that assist with either of these can benefit from IaaS growth. Below are a few of the more popular stocks in the cloud space. Although it is my belief some of these are overbought, and will have to prove themselves if we do go through a bear market, it most certainly doesn’t hurt to have them on the radar and to look for the right entry point.

Best Bet for Tech Stocks in 2019? Secular IaaS.

On a micro-level, mobile is hitting saturation, social media faces privacy regulations, chip makers are getting hurt in the trade war, and meanwhile, 5G, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles are too nascent to see returns in the near term. This is one reason I continue to hammer on IaaS as a safe, secular bet. Companies are going through a major transition right now by transferring work loads into the cloud.