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Month: April 2021

Social Media Projected to Lead Global Ad Spend in 2021

Global digital ad spending is projected to grow 10.1% YoY, powered by 18% growth in social media, according to a report from Dentsu, an advertising and public relations company based in Japan. In China, social media ad spending is forecast to rise 29.6%. Source: David Marlin In the U.S., digital ad spending is projected to grow 17% YoY after only 5% growth in 2020, according to estimates from Credit Suisse. Based on these numbers, ad-tech companies like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter should continue to benefit from growth in digital ad spending in 2021. For Q1 2021, Snapchat reported first quarter results that…

Zoom Video Stock: Will History Repeat?

In my latest Forbes article, I revisited Zoom Video and where it might be headed in the foreseeable future. As I’ve stated last August, Zoom’s hardware-as-a-service products allows companies to replace legacy systems by consolidating software and hardware for one consistent experience. ServiceNow made headlines last year when they chose Zoom Phone to replace their business phone lines by stating, “Going forward, with the addition of Zoom Phone, we’re getting a head start on an even more robust experience with Zoom — one-touch communication and collaboration features, plus Zoom-connected conference rooms.” Zoom’s partner program saw significant expansion in 2020. Partner…

Press Announcement: Official Launch of I/O Fund and Audited Results

We have a new name, new website and audited 2020 results. This week we’ve got big news to share. First off, my team has released audited performance results that outperformed $ARKK since the Fund was founded on May 9th, 2020 and we are currently beating the Nasdaq across roughly 34 positions. You can view the press release here. How does a team of four dedicated people beat a team of 38 at Ark Invest or a team of hundreds at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley? I discuss this below. As you are aware, I’ve been publishing under Beth.Technology, but this name no…

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