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Author: Beth Kindig

Beth Kindig has published over 700 articles in the last 6 years exclusively on technology and startups. She has held product marketing and developer evangelist roles at tech companies representing products in data, security, internet of things, connected cars, connected home, mobile, encryption, health care, and finance tech. Her articles have been featured in Venture Beat, MediaPost, AdExchanger, and the International Association of Privacy Professionals. She has written over 30 reports and whitepapers on enterprise technologies. She has been a speaker at Android Developers Conference, GamesBeat, Advertising Week NYC, Tech Week and more.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? Phase 3: Bitcoin Mobile Payments

Bitcoin’s ultimate opportunity will be reached when the coin provides seamless and low-cost digital transactions. The free market is already moving towards capitalizing on bitcoin as many corporations do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Starbucks is partnering with Bakkt, and this will create a payment gateway for the security-backed exchange.

Will Bitcoin Make a Good Investment? Phase 2: Economic Uncertainty

Bitcoin has emerged as a solid alternative to Venezuelan bolivars. Even when Bitcoin loses value from $19,000 to $3,000, it’s still out-performing the inflation of Venezuela’s currency. On the flip side, when bitcoin rises in value from $5,000 to $11,000 in one month, it allows global populations to hold an appreciating asset. Despite market volatility, bitcoin makes Venezuelans money, offers them accessible protection, and they are able to escape an autocratic regime.

Although many consider countries with the most dominant GDPs as the countries who set the world’s stage for economic conditions, the emerging markets play an important role as the unrest in these regions can lead to disruption.

Podcast: How Mobile Modules Will Help Bees

In episode 5 of Tech Lightning Rounds, Beth Kindig goes directly to the source of expertise in hardware devices and hosts discussions with technologists who specialize in the field. Interviews are held in “lightning round” format, which are rapid interviews with tech experts for immediate depth on each topic. The GSMA, or the Global System of Mobile Communications, is the hub of the mobile industry. The GSMA is a trade body with over 800 mobile operators and a further 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem as associate members and is tasked with organizing the largest world’s largest mobile conference,…

Highlights from Bitcoin Conference 2019

Last week, the world’s largest bitcoin conference took place in San Francisco. Despite bitcoin holding a $200 billion market cap in Q2 2019, cryptocurrency conferences receive less press than tech conferences from companies with comparable market caps, such as Oracle World, Dream Force or even Oktane, a conference by a company with a fraction of the market cap that receives ample press coverage.  Despite naysayers, Bitcoin has proven to be a revolutionary, digital asset. Worst case scenario, if you had invested in bitcoin as a long-term investment at the height of each bubble and sold at the bottom of the…

PODCAST: Is the Mobile Market Saturated? Mobile Experts Answer

The mobile market is beginning to show signs of saturation with Samsung’s operating profit dropping 60% recently and Apple issuing warnings in Q4 2018. The mobile market contracted in 2017 to 1.462 billion units and in 2018 to 1.42 billion units, and is expected to return to minimal yet positive growth percentages at a CAGR of 2.5%. IDC estimated Apple will sell 242 million smartphones by 2022 up from 221 million in 2018. The most up to date number available from IDC is an anticipated decline of 0.8% in worldwide mobile sales in 2019, published on March 6th. GSMA Discusses the…