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Category: AdTech

Google and Facebook Stock: Is Lowered Ad Demand Priced In?

In a recent article, I pointed out that ad-tech may have a long road ahead before previous levels of demand return. Despite increased usage, Facebook, Google and Twitter have warned that Q1 is going to be lower than originally forecast. Media analysts have also weighed in with a consensus that ad demand will be weak this year. Usage across mobile and over-the-top television has been skyrocketing. Total streaming hours were up 24% between March 1st to March 16th from a year ago, according to Comscore, with Roku and Amazon up 16%. Live TV is also benefiting from the surge in…

Is TV Advertising Dead? Ad Revenues Suggest Otherwise

Ideally, advertisers experience the same brand recall from TV combined with the audience-based targeting advertisers use in digital. By combining the best qualities of television with the addressability of digital, advertisers could have targeted, dynamic video ads in TV-quality streaming environments. Cord cutters are getting a lot of attention these days. Perhaps justified considering 95% of homes with TV have access to services that can be viewed on another screen, contributing to the lowest growth rate ever for worldwide pay TV subscribers. Globally, Asia-Pacific saw the biggest gains adding 2.4 million homes compared to the Americas which added 850,000 homes…

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