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Category: Health Care

Idle Healthcare Data May Be Preventing Cures — How Blockchain Can Help

Nearly every sector of every industry has been reshaped by big data. Fundamentally, this shift has brought about an attitude that data is to be treated as a proprietary asset as most companies consider data points to be a competitive advantage. However, while this may be true for the private and public markets, holding data like cards at a poker table is having devastating consequences in health care. Healthcare Data Needs Disruption Cures for rare diseases suffer inordinately from the non-dissemination of data. Creating technologies of data that allow multiple researchers to compare notes around data imperative. Take for instance…

IoT Medical Devices: Our Scariest Security Threat Yet

IoT medical devices may be our scariest security threat yet. Implanted devices such as pacemakers draw big headlines for security threats. However, there are 36,000 other health-care related devices in the United States that are discoverable on the connected device search engine Shodan – which doesn’t even take into account the global level of unprotected devices (source: Wired). In fact, U.S. hospitals have an average of ten to 15 connected IoT medical devices per bed with some hospitals registering 5,000 beds (or 50,000 connected devices). Therefore, the magnitude of the risks associated with these medical IoT devices is a gripping…

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