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What’s Next for Plug Power?

With the Nasdaq still in correction territory, renewable energy star, Plug Power (PLUG), is more than 35% off the all-time high. This is after a large bounce off the recent $34 low.

When the stock made a new all-time high of $75 in late January, we started to get signals of a top forming. We warned our premium readers, and even provided downward price targets we would be looking to start a position. Our readers were skeptical when we suggested a short-term price target of $34 was on the table in a webinar. At the time, this level of correction seemed extreme, so we provided an upper target at $43 region. This price, based on our forward growth analysis, was a solid value.

As we hit the $34 region, we saw heavy buying. Based on the significance of this level from our analysis, we expect this level to hold on any retest in the near future. The excitement in renewable energy, plus the technical significance of the recent bottom, should put a floor at this level.

We see the move in Plug as a healthy pullback in a strong long-term uptrend. Plug is a key player in the global green energy trend. This coupled with how it has followed our outlined count, made us comfortable laying into the position on this pullback. The fact that we bottomed at the $34 region, so far, further confirms our long-term view.

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